Let Us Take Care of Your Paintless Dent Repairs

Going Paintless

You know the culprits. A wayward baseball hit your car at the park, you got caught in a hailstorm, or the kid next door lost control of her bicycle. Whatever happened, you now have a dent. An ugly dent. And that’s all you seem to be able to see each time you look at your ride. You’d like to get it repaired, but you’re afraid of the cost and time involved. But what if there were a more straightforward, less expensive way to repair your vehicle? Perhaps there is. Bring your auto to Exclusive Collision in Houston, Texas, to see if your car is a candidate for paintless dent removal.

Buying What You Need

Most people know that one way to stretch your dollar is to purchase what you need–the essentials–until you are in a better financial position to buy extra or luxury items. The same principle applies to your car. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is buying what you need. Specifically, it allows you to get rid of an unwanted dent (or even multiple dents) without significant bodywork and a new paint job. Not every vehicle is a suitable candidate. If your car’s front quarter panel is torn off, the hood is crumpled like an accordion, and you don’t even know where the bumper ended up, your ride cannot be fixed with PDR. However, we can often repair minor dents and dings with this time- and cost-efficient method. PDR is an effective strategy when the paint has not come off or “stretched when the metal is in reasonable condition (present and not stretched), and when the dent is not extremely large (relatively small or maybe wider, but not deep). Under these circumstances, our collision repair technicians can use special tools to “ease” the area back into shape without disturbing the paint. This eliminates the need to purchase new parts, add filler to the dented area(s), sand, and paint. The exact location of the damage may impact the quality of a paintless dent repair, so consult with one of our experts. Sadly, PDR cannot fix plastic parts such as mirror housing or a molded bumper.

The Exclusive Commitment

We are Exclusive Collision. We pride ourselves on providing exclusive service to you–the highest quality work, the safest repairs, respect, and trust. But we don’t charge an exclusive price for what we do. We work with you if an insurance claim covers your repair, and we even offer specials to assist you with your deductible or out-of-pocket repair. So if your car is showing the results of a bit of mishap, call us today. You have nothing to lose except the dent.