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Paintless Dent Repair in Houston, TX

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Whether it’s from a fender bender or door ding, dents can show up on our vehicles at any point and time. They can be frustrating to deal with, as they ruin your vehicle’s factory finish and depreciate its value if you’re looking to trade-in or sell. The first thought for many is getting a dent repair, but that can take time and money. Instead, consider paintless dent repair (PDR) service with Exclusive Collision in Houston, Texas! Our professional collision technicians utilize specialized tools and service techniques to quickly fix the dent on your vehicle without compromising its paint finish. We’ll be able to restore your vehicle to its original factory finish while saving you time and money!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Traditional dent repair is when the dent found in your vehicle is filled with paint or body filler to match the rest of your vehicle's exterior. These services are typically performed when the paint finish of your car is compromised. If at any point the paint is broken, you must get this service. Although your vehicle will look good as new, it doesn't fix the actual problem, and it can significantly affect the resale value of your vehicle. With paintless dent repair, we make sure to correct the dent itself without compromising the finish of your vehicle. Around 80 - 90% of dents qualify for paintless dent repair, and as long as the damage isn't too severe or the paint is broken, the service can be performed. We apply slow, consistent pressure to fix the dent by using special tools to complete the job. This not only fixes the problem, but it also takes a lot less time and will help maintain the resale value if you ever look to trade or sell your vehicle!

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Don't waste time and money on a dent repair service if you don't have to. If you see a dent on your vehicle, schedule a visit with Exclusive Collision and see if your car is qualified for paintless dent repair service! Located in Houston, Texas, we take the time to examine the damage and, if the vehicle is qualified, we quickly perform the service so you can drive your vehicle around dent free! We know you'll love the clean & pristine finish it offers your vehicle.

Have questions about the service? Interested in an appointment? Give us a call at (281) 438-2288, our staff members are ready to help you! We also offer after-hours drop-off for those with a busy schedule, so feel free to visit us on 8001 Mchard Rd Ste 14 and leave your vehicle at our shop. We'll make sure it's ready when you return!