Steps to Take If You are in a Collision

What to do After an Accident

Exclusive Collision in Houston, TX wants drivers to know they have a phone-a-friend opportunity when they have been involved in an accident. It’s one of your roadway lifelines Exclusive Collision offers to all drivers in and around the Houston area.

You’ve just been in an accident. What do you do first? Do you pull over and get off the roadway? Ask your passengers if they’re, OK? Call the police or fire? Call Exclusive Collision? The priority is always the health of anyone inside your vehicle who may have suffered an unseen injury from the forces associated with a collision.

After checking on the welfare of participants and according to state law, you may be required to move your vehicle off the road. This will depend on the condition of the vehicle involved in the accident. After the dust settles, call Exclusive Collision to help move the vehicle or tow the vehicle to a safe destination like ours at 8001 McHard Rd Suite 14, Houston, TX 77053.

Calling the police is never fun. When an accident happens, you may want to document the situation for insurance purposes or have the officer write an accident report. Dispatch will notify first responders to initiate accident protocols. It’s wise to be transparent with law enforcement.

Document the Scene

Documenting the scene with your smartphone is always a good idea. Memories are jolted in an accident and photographs refresh the mind. Insurance companies may also take photographs. The best photos are the ones that document the scene immediately following an accident.

Contact Your Insurance

After securing the safety of all passengers, it’s time to exchange personal information with the other driver. Items to ask for are phone number, email address, license plate number, driver’s license, registration, and insurance documents. An important note. Never accept payment or pay out any monetary compensation. This could open the door to legal issues.

The vehicle is off the road, you have spoken to police and fire, and now it’s time to contact your insurance company or agent. Some advisers request you call your insurance agent first. This method provides you with the first call-in and may help you in court if it goes that route.

Walk Around the Vehicle

Now it’s time to walk around the vehicle, pop the hood, and look under the vehicle for any type of leak or damage. Look at the tires, the battery, the motor, lights, windshield, and every aspect of the vehicle. Take more pictures.

Accidents are traumatic events. Sometimes the brain will not process certain images when the brain is under duress. Take a deep breath and call Exclusive Collision at (281) 438-2288. Let us do the heavy lifting from this point forward.