Understanding Collision Repair Insurance

We all know that you must have insurance to own and/or operate a vehicle. Exactly which kinds of insurance you’re required to purchase depends on whether or not your auto is financed and your personal preferences and comfort levels. If your car has been damaged in an accident, Exclusive Collision of Houston, Texas, can help you navigate the repair process whether you have collision insurance, payout of pocket, or have your repairs covered by another party’s liability policy.

Collision 101: A Crash Course in Insurance

Insurance is insurance, right? Wrong. Think of auto insurance as a cafeteria with an a la carte serving line. Instead of ordering a predetermined meal off a menu, you choose what servings you would like to constitute a complete meal. Perhaps you want chicken with green beans and corn, while another diner prefers meatloaf, salad, and a roll. That’s how insurance works. When you purchase a policy, you have some freedom of choice in which coverage options you add to your policy.

All drivers/owners must have liability coverage because it covers the other party’s damage if you cause an accident. However, nearly everything else is left to specific circumstances or choices. One such option is collision repair insurance. This coverage takes care of damage not caused by another motorist when driving the auto. It includes events such as a single-vehicle wreck, an accident with another vehicle (where the other party is not at fault/not required to pay), or hitting an object such as a tree, fence, or brick retaining wall. If your car is financed, the loan company will likely require you to maintain collision coverage during the loan term to protect its investment. If you purchased the automobile with cash or once you’ve paid for it in full, collision coverage then becomes a choice. This coverage most often includes a deductible, the amount you pay out of pocket before receiving an insurance payment. Also, it covers a limited dollar amount, usually not exceeding the car’s cash value. Collision insurance does not include coverage for damages incurred when you’re not driving (a tree falling on your parked car, fire, or theft), medical bills, or damage to another person’s car.

Your Best Choice for Collision Repair

Nobody wants to make collision repairs. However, when it happens, Exclusive Collision is your best choice for repairing the damage. We believe in making the safest possible repairs. We perform only high-quality work. Further, we treat you fairly and with respect. We even offer specials to assist you without paying expenses such as the deductible.